INNOVASN's Quality Management System

January 6, 2014

Being aware that the only judge of the quality of a company is the customer, we
have done a customer oriented communication policy in order to better meet their needs.

Electro-magneto-fluid-structural coupling problem: the vibrating viscometer

Nantes, July 4, 2012

A semi-analytical model of a vibrating viscometer is developed using commercial code Comsol multiphysics. That is a multi-disciplinary model including vibration, fluid-structure interaction and magneto-elastic interaction.

Theoretical and experimental studies of a vibrating viscosity sensor

May 1, 2012

A vibrating viscometer developed using commercial code comsol multiphysics is validated by experiments, by means of laser vibrometer. Good agreements are obtained between experimental and numerical results.

Vibrating beams and application to viscometers

Pan American Congress of Applied Mechanics 2012, North America, oct. 2011. January 2, 2012

A study that shows how cantilever beams can be used to measure the viscosity of newtonian fluids.